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Audit is usually a stressful process and an audit by the “tax man” can be nerve-wracking. If not handled properly the impact of such an audit may result in dismal consequences for a business or an individual. It is preferable to have professionals dealing with the auditors. We provide an integrated service to our clients before, during and after a CRA audit. Our help starts at the time the client receives a letter from CRA to schedule an audit. We usually contact with the assigned auditor and discuss specifically what CRA is looking for. We prepare an audit file in accordance with the auditor’s requirement, we reconcile all numbers with bank statements, general ledgers and other sources e.g. vouchers, invoices and proof of payments. We deal with the auditors directly and answer all the questions, find ancillary documents if necessary and when it becomes absolutely necessary fight with CRA for our clients.

If the outcome of an audit is not satisfactory, we file objections and Appeals, our lawyer-accountant team has an excellent track record of resolving disputes with CRA.